Business Analytics

The ability to have fast, interactive, visual insights into business performance can mean the difference between success and failure. Business Analytics solutions helps you discover new ways to strategize, plan, optimize business operations, and capture new market opportunities.

BA is used to gain insights that inform business decisions and can be used to automate and optimize business processes.  Data-driven companies treat their data as a corporate asset and leverage it for competitive advantage. Successful business analytics depends on data quality, skilled analysts who understand the technologies and the business and an organizational commitment to data-driven decision making.

Businesses that know how to capture and analyse this data will gain a clear advantage when it comes to identifying new markets, understanding customers, managing profitability, cutting costs, monitoring risk, modelling scenarios and managing performance. We apply business intelligence with this in mind – focusing on real business challenges and developing practical solutions that give our clients the insight they need to do better business.

Get the right information to anyone who needs it. Integrate and discover data on your own. Create and share vibrant interactive reports. Spark your curiosity with easy-to-use analytics. And monitor key metrics so when something goes awry, you’ll understand why – and know what to do about it.

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Common Applications Targeted for EA Most large companies use at least several kinds of software and types of data that are candidates for integration:

Visual Data Exploration

Explore all your data. Discover new patterns. Create rich visuals and share insights. With easy-to-use analytics and business intelligence tools from SAS, you can get the picture fast, see it, understand it, stop guessing, and work smartly.


The world is built on teamwork. So why not put business intelligence and analytics where they can add more value? You can put analytics and BI tools where people work most, exchange ideas and insights, foster alignment for better business decisions.

Easy Analytics

Put the world’s most powerful analytics in everyone’s hands, and your organization will reap the rewards. You can find the metrics that matter most, expand your analytics culture and go way beyond descriptive analytics.

Big Data Analytics

Analyze data from a variety of sources. Anticipate changing customer behavior. Incorporate the next best action into operational workflows.

Enterprise Performance Management

Plan and forecast with greater precision. Accelerate your financial close and reporting process, with greater transparency and confidence.

Interactive Reporting & Dashboards

Is it possible to satisfy business users (who want to create their own BI content) and IT (who wants to selectively manage and govern it)? Yes. you can do it yourself, and set IT free, enjoy the freedom of self-service data preparation.

Industries We Serve

The key challenge for this industry is margin erosion due to rapid commoditization. Hence, more and more companies are focused on regaining tight control over their operations.

We help healthcare organizations transform, innovate, and optimize to build tomorrow’s healthcare enterprise. We recognize healthcare needs are global while solutions are local

We help healthcare organizations transform, innovate, and optimize to build tomorrow’s healthcare enterprise. We recognize healthcare needs are global while solutions are local

Instant information and a seamless experience across channels is the mantra when it comes to retail.Customers demand “Any Time, Any Place, Any Device” and personalized access.

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