Incluziv ERP for Distribution

Incluziv is the leading ERP software in the Sales and Distribution space with special emphasis on the home furnishing industry. The ERP works with all distributors who are into the trading and value addition of goods along with trading.The ERP solution works with distributors in the Made ups space as well. Our core team has more than 10 years of experience in Home furnishings industry and has worked at implementing many industry firsts. 

Home textiles has become a niche industry in the bigger textiles space and with every passing day the requirements of the industry are getting more complicated and sophisticated. As a textile ERP solution, Incluziv provides full feature Trading and distribution application. Our Home textiles ERP solution take care of all your operational requirements right from inventory management, stock procurement to order fulfilement, customer relationship management, accounts and finance. Incluziv gives your business a end to end home textiles ERP software and is a proven solution with the leading home textile distribution houses in India.

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EAI is prevalent today more than ever before, as the need for an integrated enterprise is on the rise.

Sales report

Get report on sales from top selling, order status and outstanding for pre-emptive steps, net sales, broker efficiency and order life cycle reports 

Outstanding reports

Be able to track outstanding effectively with details of bills pending for payments, check balance payment against invoice along with details. 

Catalog v/s sales reports

Get details on customers giving orders from catalogs assigned to them and customers not giving sales from new catalogs.. 

Purchase Reports

Track excess stocks, re-order levels, open PO to monitor procurement and pending bill bookings along with Purchase Order Details report and daily movement.

Stock Report

Get a complete view of the you stocks in hand and plan on the stocks to be procured. Get reports on Stock ageing, adjustment, rack view and item reports.

Collection Reports

Get reports on collection performance and sale to date with statistics reports 

Auto Reports

Automate reports, which are scheduled in the systems and run at time intervals. Auto reports are mailed to predefined email list recipients. 

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The key challenge for this industry is margin erosion due to rapid commoditization. Hence, more and more companies are focused on regaining tight control over their operations.

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Instant information and a seamless experience across channels is the mantra when it comes to retail.Customers demand “Any Time, Any Place, Any Device” and personalized access.

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