Incluziv ERP for Cold Storage

Incluziv has taken some baby steps in the cold storage industry and is working with one of the leading players in the cold storage industry for their ERP application. 

Cold storage industry has been on the forefront of the edible supply chain with specialized cold storage’s for fruits, vegetables, dryfruits, dairy, ice creams and non vegetarian products. Our integrated solution takes care of their Warehouse management, along with order and retrival management using hand held devices which make tracking and retrival of goods faster and more efficient. We are also working with players for a POC on the use of IOT devices in the cold storage industry.

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EAI is prevalent today more than ever before, as the need for an integrated enterprise is on the rise.

Gate and Inward Management

Manage the complete cycle from Gate pass to inward using bar coding and camera feed to accurately track turnaround times of services offered to customers.

Order Management

With completely bar coded racking and binning it is possible to quickly retrieve material. Mobility solutions so that the movement of paper does not slow down the retrieval and transfer of goods.

Self Service Modules

Give the power to your customers to place orders, view their outstanding and sales reports using customer web portal and Android and ios apps to manage direct ordering from customers

Inward and Outward Order Booking

Easy to use Inward and outward booking based on a host of parameters like Lot no, shipping marks, products, inward dates, storage location and many more such parameters. Extremely easy to use, making quick order booking and movement of material possible. 

Integrated Warehouse Management

Manage binning and picking using bar coded warehousing. Each rack and location can be numbered and barcoded. Easy retrival of stocks, with perodic stock checking and Hand held devices to facilitate easy movement of material.

Integrated Financial accounting

Use the integrated financial accounting to manage accounts, generate purchase bill booking, expense and asset vouchers. Use reporting to find more about your financial health using reports like P&L, Balance sheet etc. Use our GST reporting to accurately report and file your GST returns. Most updated application for compliance requirements. 

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