Thinking is what we do! Through time as we have worked across industries, people and technologies, we have come to a point where in change is much needed as the the step. So we are changing and we are ready for the next big leap.

So want to know what is the change? The next leap we are taking? The here is the gist of it.

New array of standard yet custom solutions:

Customer Interactions is our core. Over the years we have observed that custom developments are dearer & lengthy affair for companies. Though Standard products are no cake walk due to their rigid functionality. We thought of a new segment: why not use standard platforms with customizations! It’s faster sturdier and value for money for customers. We are now introducing a segment in our offering which has a foundation of a standard platform over which we will offer customization to make the solutions an optimal product with shorter turnaround time, lesser development from scratch, more robust and faster to implement and get going.

Expanding the horizon

The horizon always has new things to offer and all that you have to do is look carefully and analyze. Mobility is a vast and ever growing horizon in today’s times which got fixated upon. And so we have taken mobility segment a step ahead by expanding our horizon not just in technology but across geographies as well. Be it in store tablet applications for retail outlets integrated with real time data from ERP, customer experience applications such as rendering tools or expanding into the Middle East market with HHT application

We say a Video says a thousand words

One more new Feather in our cap has been on the Digital Front. We have taken online branding beyond websites and social media. With the growth of video platforms like youtube, whatsapp and vimeo; video have taken front stage on whole new level. Be it from introductions to product launch, the digital video platform has grown immensely. And we have developed end to end services for video write from script writing , voice recording to video animations.

Giving you a superlative resource option

With the changing times we are enhancing the way we are offering our services and resources. We have initiated the model for Team Outsourcing where in you get a full time dedicated team at your service for the work you allot. The team will work as an extended arm of your company at our premise.