Life as sharp as a knife

All business organizations keep catching up with some serious path altering challenges every few years. Although as entrepreneurs’ we tend to get into a safe and sweet spot once the initial challenges of starting up and running an organization are handled properly.

Usually there comes a time when one wants things to run on auto pilot and believe that the organization could keep churning out super returns for stakeholders while you enjoy your vacations in the sun, coupled up with some business on the sidelines. The entire process is so well set that if all cogs in the wheel are working to perfection then you really can be on that dream trip. However reality isn’t so rosy and you quite soon realize that challenges have an uncanny knack of showing up just when the cogs where falling into a perfect routine. The funny part is that these challenges are not mere blips but such big road blocks that the very existence of your organization might be at stake.

A lot of times trade bodies and industry groups treat these challenges as major threats and cry hoarse to governments and powers that be that can change the course of such challenges. However these measures more often than not prove to be just a waste of time.

One needs to understand the basic law of nature, and that law just has one principle, that of change. Hence neither are the challenges going to disappear nor are they going to get smaller or fewer. They are going to get bigger, quicker and more life threatening. And these very challenges make organizations fitter.

Every once in a while organizations start gathering flab, either in resources or processes but the worst kind of flab any organizations puts on is that in its thinking. As organizations grow bigger and more secure they stop thinking and challenging the status quo, although they very well realize that these are the very same qualities that made them business leaders.

Each challenge that presents itself has a solution to it as well, although sometimes in the chaos that the challenge brings along, the solution might not be clearly visible, or the time available to make a wise decision might be so small that you end up crashing and burning. It’s like playing pac-man in my childhood when there was always a way out of the corner only if we could keep a cool head. So really speaking peace is not when you can keep your calm without any challenges but peace is when you can keep your calm amidst life threatening challenges. The very challenges that we tend to avoid are the ones which will make our organizations sharper, more peaceful and more intelligent to handle such challenges in the future. This experience in my opinion is something worth millions. Our people, processes and our stakeholders all get sharper and more intelligent and dexterous and in turn increase the longevity of the organization.

I wish you all more challenges in 2016 and the wisdom and dexterity to counter the same more than ever before.

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