I guess nobody can refute the fact that lean and healthy bodies do look and feel much fitter than flabby ones. And like all laws of nature the same holds true for organizations as well. Lean is in, whether it’s your sales, or customer support, marketing or management. Organizations are spending a considerable amount of thought, effort and funds to acquire tools, apps and a host of other support systems which help them become more agile, efficient and accurate while they get leaner at the top.

A leaner organization helps its customers, by being responsive to their needs, they are quick at decision making because they have all the data at their fingertips. They see how their markets are transforming and how they need to embrace change. Leaner organizations help drive agility in the market by bringing new products and services and also making older ones more relevant. Whenever we have worked with organizations we have always believed that it’s our mandate to make our customers organization leaner and fitter.

Let me try and share some insights that I have had with the organizations we work with

Nobody likes committing errors – I believe one of the major causes of stress at work is inevitable errors. Errors when you punch in a wrong order, errors when you dispatch a wrong product, errors when your supply chain works way below the TAT (turn around times), errors when your invoicing is incorrect, errors when you follow up for the wrong invoices and make wrong entries. Errors eat into organizational and inter personal peace and should be avoided at all times. Any application, process and tool should aim to reduce the errors at least by 20-30%. Once we look at reducing errors we not only increase efficiency but also improve effectiveness greatly. As software developers and solution experts we should be keen to listen and learn about areas at which our customers commit mistakes and find reasonable solutions to avoid these mistakes.

Everyone wants automation to help them – Every single day; each one of us wants a little more automation in our lives. Be it the customer service rep that is behind a phone or a construction worker who is working in the open. Everyone craves for that little automation which will make their chores a little less and give them more time to think about better solutions for their customers or better ways to do their present jobs. There has lately been a lot of despair spread in the media about how automation will steal a lot of jobs in the years to come, however we have not considered how automation will help organization serve more customers, better, faster, at reduced costs so that more and more services become accessible to new customers. Every new automation in any industry has helped at increasing the customer base tremendously, thereby expanding the market in leaps and bounds.

People don’t like to carrying work home or keeping it for tomorrow – We are all inundated with so many tasks and this list just goes on expanding as organizations become leaner. However with more and more work, it has become important to provide people with tools which help them get more done in lesser time. As the volume of work goes on increasing it is inevitable that a lot of work will not get completed on the same day. The reasons could be lack of tools or the lack of training on the tools available. As solution provider our aim should always be to design solutions which are easy to learn, unlearn and relearn. People are already under severe work pressure and this makes it important for them to have opportunities to close their work on the same day, which not only gives them a sense of achievement but also peps them up for the next day, as they have new opportunities to look forward to on the coming day.

How do we help in transformation– We have always believed that the approach to problems has to be different. We cannot make tools that replace old ones, and merely improve aesthetics or technology. Tools should be designed to let the people who use them, do more, achieve more, with lesser stress and having more fun while doing it.
If our tools don’t help you do that then you will never have needs that we can satisfy which will make creation of newer markets and newer users impossible. Improvements in every form of life or business will only happen when we find new solutions to problems. Just rehashing old solutions in a new bottle will never serve a market.

I would love to hear from you, your views about the above. And in case you are interested in knowing how you can have a more error free, efficient, quick transformation application then do feel free to call me on 020-41210088 or email me at

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