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Instant information and a seamless experience across channels is the mantra when it comes to retail.Customers demand “Any Time, Any Place, Any Device” and personalized access.

Today stores, online portals, mobile and social media channels need to be intertwined with processes around Merchandising, Supply Chain, and Marketing. Retailers today need systems and processes that respond and deliver seamless customer experience.

Infiniti has been partnering with various players in the retail industry in a diverse number of retail segments including but not limited to apparel, art and decor to offer a wide range of services.

We have helped retailers to focus more on the digital front – ‘channelize, mobilize, and socialize’ to stay ahead in today’s ‘click-and-mortar’ retail game with following services

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We offer following services in this sector

With the IT platform continuously changing, a majority of businesses today function in a mixed IT environment and sharing information on a number of programs, platforms and databases, and in different locations is becoming increasingly difficult.

In an extremely competitive business environment which is shaped by customer prefrences and brand loyalty lifecyles have shrinked, it is imperetive for companies not only to offer better services and service levels but also to analyse the transactional information to develop
new and better products and services which cater to customer needs.

As organizations seek ways to increase efficiencies and reduce costs, Business Process Optimization services help identify these  opportunities through intense analysis and design. It develops future state processes to address them. Our approach drives business results
across the customer experience and supporting processes.

Infiniti’s solutions enable you to capitalize on these capabilities to reduce costs and increase profitability. You can leverage real-time information to gain insights into your global supply chain and logistics management capabilities. You’ll gain visibility across all orders, shipments, and global inventories.

With the world wide web becoming more and more social, its networking that can get you place. With professional and personal activities coexisting, The Trending Social helps to reach the right audience at the right place.

Infiniti offers complete, end-to-end services for mobile application development across all major platforms including Apple iPhone, Google’s
Android, as well as Microsoft’s Windows Mobile.

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