Collaborate to win

I am sure you would have heard about the survival of the fittest and the culling out competition in your long drawn competitive careers. Even I was a firm believer that there is only so much of a cake available on the table and you need to grab the biggest piece possible.

I guess a lot of this has to do with the deficiency syndrome that we suffer with. If I don’t grab my share, someone else will and that there is only so much available on offer. But surprisingly I am beginning to learn something very amazing, which is the power of collaboration. Collaborate to not just mutual benefit but also the benefit of all around you.

  • There is nobody out to kill you – One of the main paranoia that businesses suffer is that the competition is out there to kill you and eat up your market share. This also stems from the fact that you do not want to listen to your customers, and believe that offering your present products and services, you should be able to increase your market share. The key really is understanding what your customers want, not what you want from the market. One should be ready to look at your offerings, be ready to completely revamp the value proposition and keep your eyes and ears focused on the customer, rather than on competition. So today product companies are innovating with offering bundled services, and service companies are bundling services with fixed priced products and trying to offer as much as value possible to the customer.
  • Growth is life – Another one of the reasons we all keep vying for the same cake is that we do not believe in growth. It is the law of nature to grow and we must believe that all markets will grow, however sometimes the micro picture might look disturbing and would lead us to take a pessimistic view. But if you are offering the right value to your customers and are offering products and services required by your customers, then growth is certain. Yes it is true that business growth needs effort but so does any growth, you need to work at achieving growth be it with your body or with your garden, and no growth comes automatically, so why not put in the required efforts and stop believing that you are destined to be blessed with growth without your efforts.
  • We can’t risk too much – I think again risk is overrated. You risk only when you don’t embrace change. If you are looking and listening to your customers needs and are adapting your services based on their needs then you are taking very calculated risks. What might seem like a risk to others is just a shift in your offerings to meet your customer requirements. We can’t visit our future, but we can take small steps in our present with the knowledge that we have today and make things better for all our stake holders. This might seem courageous but then didn’t someone say, fortune favors the brave.
  • Enjoy the ride – If we are bogged down by month on month sales deficits and quarter on quarter guidances then we surely are going to act short term and take decisions which will hamper the joy of the process. The key to achieving growth is to enjoy the ride and surely the ride is going to be bumpy and full of surprises but then that is the real thrill. If you were going on the same flat road daily, then sooner or later you will get bored and will keep paying less attention to the beautiful things on the road, and get monotonous with your ride. But if you have a new road, you will listen to what the road tells you, you will read each sign, see each turn, and remember each experience and cherish them for a long time to come.

So go out there and work extra hard to not just turn your dreams to reality but to help your customers, your employees and your stakeholders transform theirs too and become the medium for change by enjoying the process.

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