Based in India, our client is a leading company in the manufacturing and selling of preventive Nutraceuticals. The company is present in 4 major cities in India and has its head office in New Delhi.  The company has nine brands and sells mainly to Doctors through a team of 30 Medical Representatives.


The company sold through Doctors and medical practitioners. This was being done with a network of Medical Representatives. The Medical Representatives sent their daily attendance and daily call report in excel sheets to the company. But compilation of such records was getting difficult as the number of medical representatives increased.

The company implemented software which could keep records of attendance and the daily reports of the medical representatives. But the software was not responsive in nature and did not support mobile devices interface. So, the sales force always had to carry laptop which was a tedious task. Also, the company could not verify the daily call report.

The MRs placed the orders for the medicines through excel sheet. They had to often call the head office to find out the status of the order. Also, the head office found it difficult to keep the MRs updated on the status of their orders. 


After a month of comprehensive study of company’s challenges, Infiniti Infosystems suggested a mobile app ‘Lifeline’.  Since the app could be used on mobile devices, the MRs were not required to carry or use laptop anymore. Once logged into the app, the app could record attendee, track the location of the sales force, could record the status of the orders placed


A result was a ‘Lifeline’ mobile app. Once the MRs log into the app, their location can be easily tracked. Thus, the app verifies the  daily call report. This reduced absenteeism by 100%.Also, the company could identify the efforts of the MRs. On the other hand, the MRs were assured that whenever they attend a sales call, their effort could be seen. This developed TRUST between the company and the sales force.  

Using the ‘Lifeline’ app, the MRs could now set appointment and plan their calendar. They could also set up the follow ups on the app. This was visible to their immediate managers. So, the number of calls and meetings on appointments and follow ups between the MRs and their immediate managers was available seamlessly. This saved a lot of time which could be now utilized in visiting more Doctors. Thus, the app increased the effectiveness of the sales force. 

Also, using the same app, the MRs could see the status of their order sheets. This completely eliminated the task of calling the Head Office to find out the status of their orders.    



Solution :

  • (LIFELINE’ mobile app that could used for )

  • Keeping a record of attendance

  • Track the location of the MRs

  • Setting up appointments and follow ups with Doctors

  • Checking the status of the orders placed


  • Decrease in absenteeism of MRs

  • Increase in the ease of keeping records

  • Increase in the effectiveness of MRs

  • Increase in trust between the company and the MRs