One of India’s leading logistics companies, providing specialized logistics services across multimodal Courier operation since 1996.
With its head office in Mumbai, it operates through 67 offices in India and gets supported by an even larger
network of franchise offices across India.


The operation cycle of client began with collection of consignments at different location, sorting of consignments at various hubs, loading of sorted consignments in different flights and delivery of consignments to their respective destinations. The process was lengthy and this was causing delays in the delivery of consignments.


Another challenge faced by the company was misrouting of documents. This was leading to a high level of customer dissatisfaction.


Infiniti Infosystems developed ‘Spinito’ as a solution for client. It is a web and mobile app that enabled automation of operation cycle to a very large extent. Now sorting and bagging of consignments could be carried out at different locations apart from the hubs. Also, it enabled the barcoding of consignments and sorted bags

The application also provide management and tracking solution for activities such as COD in which cash collected and deposited to shipper, a ‘To pay’ option where the charges are paid by the consignment receiver. These enhancement were also supported with the necessary financial reporting and management

The application further provided enhanced functionality for ‘Claims’ module.

A complete through and through application for the courier industry, the client reaped the benefits not only on operations and finance end but also the CRM module for its customer. An end customer interface also opened up business with credibility towards service as the end customer was able to track, view proof of delivery and was also able to book orders online.

As an add plus the app offer offline Consignment booking and POD printout through Bluetooth printer and can later on sync with server when network is available.


Now that the consignments could be sorted out at different locations, unnecessary delays in the operations cycle were completely eliminated. Now the couriers could be delivered right on the committed time. This raised the confidence of client. Soon, it launched a premium service, wherein consignments are delivered for sure before 10 am next day. This became the USP and increased its market share.  Also, since the consignments and bags were bar coded, misrouting of documents was completely eliminated.

Since all the major challenges were eliminated after the incorporation of ‘Spinito’,client’s services improved phenomenally and hence, the customer satisfaction level increased exponentially.


Industry :  Logistics and Courier Solution

  • Challenges:

  • Delays in operation cycle

  • Misrouting of documents

  • Financial tracking and management

  • CRM

  • Results:

  • Increase in efficiency

  • New product launches

  • Increase in market share

  • Increase in customer satisfaction.