The case involves a fully owned subsidiary of Italian Group which is leading players worldwide, in manufacturing and marketing of water and space heating products and their components. The Indian operations include India’s largest and fully integrated water heater plant in Chakan near Pune, Maharashtra that has been operational since 1999.


Even though the client product range of water heaters are market leaders in the water heating market of India, the company realized through various market research studies, that the brand awareness  among the younger generation is very less. The younger generation was becoming an important target segment, as they were the buyers of new houses. The furnishing of the houses included installation of water heaters in their bath rooms.  So it was very important for the company to increase its brand awareness in the younger generations.


After extensive research on of client’s challenges and the habits of younger generations, Infiniti Infosystems suggested that they needs to be actively present on social media platforms namely, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Through various planned activities and campaigns focus in sync with ground and seasonal promotions, the client was able to build a strong base of the new age generation and spread their brand presence to the youger segment. At the time, out of the 32.5 million internet users in India, 82.5% people were active on social media. Also, the younger 

generations were more active on the mobile platforms. They used their mobiles to do internet search and social media activities. So client was advised to have a mobile version of their website and have an app focusing on their products.

The new website proposed by Infiniti Infosystem was a complete responsive CMS which provided the website visitors a uninterrupted experience of the website information across devices.


The client was able to cross a fan base of 2 Lac likes from 10,000 which currently stands at 4.5 Lacs. The brand’s awareness increased immensely among the younger target audience.A focused ad and campaign strategy led to a significant increase in traffic on the website. Different themes were incorporated in the Facebook posts which brought in versatility to the posts. Among these campaigns, the products were promoted frequently. This led to a high brand recall.

The responsive website has helped retain and increase the customer interaction with the brand on the website. Theinstalled mobile app provided an continuous connect with the user able to access information readily


Industry :  Consumer Durable / White Goods


  • Increasing brand awareness

  • Brand recall in the younger target segment


  • Active presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

  • Presence on mobile platform through mobile website and mobile app.


  • Increase in brand awareness

  • Increase in brand recall

  • Increase in traffic on websites

  • Increase in customer satisfaction.