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We were recently working with a few customers in retail for the Middle East and there was something very interesting we observed. It gave us some serious sales insight which we never had before.

We always thought more sales tools at the hands of the sales people helps in making a better sale. So you load sales people with more gadgets and literature to help customer make a choice. However we never think of these tools as creating purchase pressures for the end customer, which sometimes makes them uncomfortable. Eventually the customer might find this too much to take and might just walk away from the sale.

When the sales guy tries to bombard the customer with different choices and options it might just tick the customer off .

Profound insight, yes? 

When we tried to find out how other brands overcame this situation we realised the best way out was to create experience zones, places where the customer can come and try the options available with the brand. Do his homework and not be obliged to make a purchase. If he feels like making a purchase, he can always do it from a retailer but the experience zone doesn’t really push a sale. 

A case in point has been Asian Paints with their ‘Experience Retail Stores’ both under the Signature Stores Category and Colour Ideas Store Category. Although the Signature Stores are company operated and as per my knowledge do not push for sales, but put you on to a dealer who can help you finalize your purchase. While a Ideas Store category is run by a local dealer who does sell the products but the idea still is a no obligation experience at the local store.

This initiative has been a very bold one especially in the Indian Market where customer loyalty is heavily hinged on pricing. It is difficult to keep this vision and pursue such a bold step without really being convinced about the usefulness of the same. But In our world, we need more experiences. More brands being real, delivering on their dreams, creating amazing things, making lives better and doing all this without really being in a pressure cooker environment for sales. 

The key to true sales success then ? Work on your offerings and your service and your customer experience, and the strength and value that you bring to customers. Display your true power.

Do this on your internal processes and everything in your external process follows automatically which in turn means sales will follow.

So to help you make some big leaps in your sales across various channels we have come up with a small whitepaper especially targeted at the home fabric retail business.

No charge. All free. Just read them make notes on them and execute on the ideas within them. Do write in to us at to get a copy.

We’ll be in touch. 

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