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There are several criteria for choosing a company - it goes beyond remuneration. Infiniti Infosystems offers you several reasons to be part of our team.

Work Environment

We strive hard towards at creating a healthy work environment. We create an open atmosphere at all levels of the organisation, where professionals can freely express their views or make suggestions for mutual growth. It’s about meaningful teamwork and respect for the individual regardless of his / her position, about pride in the work we do and self-esteem amongst employees.

Pioneering Excellence

Infiniti has always shown exceptional ability to innovate and to achieve excellence at all levels. It would be an immensely satisfying experience to work in our organisation.

Compensation Benefits

This is a very important consideration and Infiniti measures up well in this area. Our compensation packages are amongst the best in the industry.

Career Opportunities

Once you become a member of the Infiniti family, career opportunities are wide, allowing you to pursue a path according to your interest, aptitude and strengths.

In order to be flexible we need a set of ‘transferable skills’ – skills that are not specific to one particular career path but are generic across all employable sectors.

Compete on total compensation and benefits, and WIN on learning & development.
These are the foundational components to our People policy

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Infiniti offers a wide range of opportunities for talented minds to develop and build IT solutions which spell out innovation and creativity on the latest and up coming technologies. Interested in the world of innovative opportunities?