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We were recently working with a few customers in retail for the Middle East and there was something very interesting we observed. It gave us some serious sales insight which we never had before.

We always thought more sales tools at the hands of the sales people helps in making a better sale. So you load sales people with more gadgets and literature to help customer make a choice. However we never think of these tools as creating purchase pressures

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Collaborate to win
Collaborate to Win – Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas

I am sure you would have heard about the survival of the fittest and the culling out competition in your long drawn competitive careers. Even I was a firm believer that there is only so much of a cake available on the table and you need to grab the biggest piece possible.

I guess a lot of this has to do with the deficiency syndrome that we suffer with. If I don’t grab my share, someone else will and that

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Life as sharp as a knife
Life as sharp as a knife

All business organizations keep catching up with some serious path altering challenges every few years. Although as entrepreneurs’ we tend to get into a safe and sweet spot once the initial challenges of starting up and running an organization are handled properly.

Usually there comes a time when one wants things to run on auto pilot and believe that the organization could keep churning out super returns for stakeholders while you enjoy your vacations in the sun, coupled up with

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We become what we repeatedly do – Sean Covey

I have been working with a lot of organizations on various organizational transformation projects. There is no doubt that the staff in various departments of these organizations I work for,  want that their companies to performs better, and grow faster, but unfortunately sometimes these well meaning employees themselves are impediments to their own wishes. Most of them work in departmental silos. They have their territory, beyond which they neither want to think or co-operate.

Departmental boundaries are much larger, stronger

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Disruption – The key to growth

I have always been impressed with businesses which have been thriving peacefully, having healthy top-line and bottom-line growth. Looking at many of them I have sometimes questioned the theory that is growth only caused by disruptions ?

On thinking about it a little deeper, I did try and understand what exactly is disruption ? The answer I derived was that disruption is

  1. Ability to spot opportunities – Some companies are able to spot opportunities which come up due to a technology change
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# Freedom from Fear

We have started working with the largest manufacturer of gas leak detectors in India. During our brief association with them we have realized that lack of proper safety rules in commercial kitchens causes many fires due to gas leaks which are easily avoidable. We are loosing far too many lives to negligence. 

A recent fire accident in a restaurant in Mumbai claimed the lives of 4 engineering students. We worked with Vighnaharta to come up with a small video for the

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Fanatical about Inventory

Businesses today face a daunting challenge with optimizing inventory, with an ever increasing number of SKU’s and an ever changing demand pattern. The ability to maintain and manage optimum inventory levels has become difficult than ever before.

Typically when your business is growing you spend less time thinking about inventory and efficiency in inventory management, and most of the time is spent in ensuring customer service levels. However it’s when the off take is slow or when inventory starts building

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Jugaad (innovative fix) for the long term

I had for a long time taken pride in the fact that we are masters of Jugaad, the only guys around the world who knew how to fix issues by bending some rules or breaking a few, in fact this was considered as an additional qualification by me until quite recently.

How you could study overnight while going over previous years questions papers and manage a distinction, or how you could board a train without a ticket and still manage to

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Acche din (Good Days) were always there

In my interactions with a large number of small and medium business (SME’s) owners and their management, in the recent past, I have observed a general feeling of despair about the market conditions in the country and a gloomy realization that finally the acche din are taking a little longer to arrive.
Pretty much convinced that most of the slowdown we are facing is due to the policy paralysis or maybe the lethargic implementation of effective policy changes. Are you

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