Infiniti Infosystems, the name itself defines our outlook. We believe the only boundaries that exist are those we impose upon ourselves.

Team Infiniti compromises of individuals who have had extensive exposure and invaluable experience, while working with the top development firms in India. Having logged in decades of experience between them, they are now ready to provide the clients’ at Infiniti outstanding results that have their mark of excellence. While our technical team goes above and beyond mere support activities by enhancing software with real-time hardware integrated solutions which empower businesses.

Inculcating the above vision into our operations we have conceived a development team that is, Infiniti. Amalgamating the experience of learned entrepreneurs and the enthusiasm and innovation of young minds has resulted in a highly focused & energetic environment that gives us the twin advantage of – 

  • Depth in Solution Conception

  • Flexibility in project execution


People are our most valuable asset. That is why, in addition to our software processes, we have incorporated people into our processes through the P-CMM (People Capability Maturity Model) a reflection of our commitment towards our people. The P-CMM represents Infiniti’s ability to improve the knowledge and skills of its workforce and align performance with the business objectives of the company. In implementing the people process, the organisation learns to optimize organisational growth in workforce capabilities and established competency-based practices whenever required.

Continous Capability Improvement

Organisational Performance Alignment

Continous Workforce Innovation

Our Methodology

The Infiniti development team adopts project methodologies based on the client’s project specifications and requirements. Creating meaningful business solutions on time and within budget using a proven approach.

We are proud to employ some of Internet’s most highly talented and qualified personnel under one company. Team Infiniti has a formidable team of experienced and dedicated professionals. These include our Project leaders, Developers and Designers.

We believe in operating as an extended arm of our clients. Our project offices are often situated within customer premises while our main development center takes on the hue of an extension of the client’s office.

Our proposed solutions therefore take into consideration all the vital aspects of the client’s infrastructure, his working models and the people that are going to make the system work. This paves the way for us to propose the best possible solution, which not only matches his functional requirements, but also blends in perfectly with his budget; thus making our solutions highly price-competitive.

Prototyping of projects is used by Infiniti in complex projects in order to understand the requirements better, to reduce design risks and to share the user interface with the Customer.


Our customers get a clear definition of the project and are always in the know of the project status with ready access to project deliverables at any point of time. Our software Development Methodology encompasses the following aspects:

Defining deliverables This helps in identifying risks and constraints early on and helps to plan and implement counter measures with greater success.

Defining Delivery Modules – The functionality is developed and delivered in stages thus ensuring that the most important functions are delivered at the earliest.

Information Schedule – Clear, updated information about the status of each bug or defect is given at predefined intervals.

Once the specifications are decided, our processes incorporate strict deadlines with plenty of scope for flexibility yet maintaining overall schedules. This is a major aspect which makes us stand apart from our contemporaries, in terms of prompt and proper project-executions.

Streamlining the whole process also allows to deliver key portions of the solution faster than would otherwise be possible, by focusing on the highest priority features first and moving less critical ones to subsequent releases. It has been used successfully to improve project control, minimize risk, improve product quality, and increase development speed.

Our Quality

At Infiniti, the pursuit of Quality is unending. We believe that Quality is a measure of customer satisfaction. We, at Infinti, are working hard towards achieving this goal. In our endeavor to provide truly world-class service, we have implemented quality measurements as per CMMI model. We are also in the process of implementing ISO standards at Infiniti.

Company Profile

We at Infiniti Infosystems are dedicated to providing solutions that is best of it’s kind and take full responsibility from concept to delivery.

With a customer centric approach we believe in developing solutions that are focused towards adding value to your organisation and boosting your business.

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Infiniti offers customers a scalable and robust infrastructure. Our multiple communication links include Broadband Connectivity, Wireless broadband and dial -up backups.

We have several heterogeneous computing platforms like Windows and Linux workstations, in addition to networked PCs ; and can provide on demand, dedicated upto 10 Mbps of bandwidth.

Our Key Benefits

  • 24 hour Internet access through Broadband Lines.
  • Backup Internet access through ISDN/ Wi Max for fail-safe takeover.
  • Windows and Linux Web server colocated at Tier II IDC.
  • Web servers located in data centres at US
  • Numbers of PC workstations with adequate redundancies for our engineers.
  • Testing center for automated testing checks.

People Policy

Our People Policy is to:
Compete on total compensation and benefits, and WIN on learning & development.
We have 3 foundational components to our People policy:

Infiniti has a performance culture. This means we have a compelling vision and big aspirational goals. To achieve our lofty goals, we hire top talent, challenge them, expect great things of them and reward them accordingly.

We support our high performance expectations with a culture rich in continuous learning and developmental opportunities. Challenging work, stretching goals, meaningful feedback, performance coaching, training and career guidance are all key elements of our strategy and commitment to our employees.

We are focused on building a partnership with our valued employees that balances their needs with the needs of the organization. Meeting employee needs with respect to their work environment (rewards, recognition, learning and career development) and meeting the organization’s needs with respect to employee performance (productivity, knowledge and leadership) are critical components to our mutual success..

Want to change?

We at Infiniti, achieve Business Transformations by aligning areas of people, process and technology to usher significant change.

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